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The purpose of the Men's Issues Committee (MIC) is to provide SDPA members with an opportunity to explore men's issues both personally and academically.  This Committee provides a forum for enjoying the company and shared experiences of other MIC members while also working to raise awareness of men’s issues in the San Diego community.  Toward that end, the MIC presents experiential and didactic educational programs on varied topics that have included intimacy, fathering, brothering, mentoring, men and depression, and incorporating technology into psychotherapy with men.  The Committee also assists the Board by collecting, reviewing and recommending nominations for the SDPA Local Hero Award.
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If you are interested in serving on this Committee, please contact our Office Manager.


The Local Hero Award is given to a lay person (i.e. a non-psychologist) in the San Diego community who selflessly provides the community with the idealism and care needed to rekindle hope in today's world.  The Local Hero embodies the principles of service, community empowerment, humility, humor and a pioneering inspiration for moving some local problem to an exciting new clarification if not resolution.  The Nominations, Elections and Awards Committee receives nominations for this award from the Men's Issues Committee and verifies the qualifications of these nominees.  The MIC Committee may solicit nominations for this award from the membership.  The Nominations, Elections and Awards Committee presents the nominees to the Board that certifies the selection of the award recipient(s).

The MIC also hosts the Odyssey Series in which SDPA members, mental health professionals, and members of the San Diego community come together to celebrate the personal/professional “odyssey” of a chosen psychologist.  This individual is held in the highest esteem by his/her colleagues and willingly shares her/his journey in the profession of psychology as part of the Odyssey event. In so doing, the Odyssey honoree serves to enrich the experience of those who attend the event by emphasizing how s/he embodies the “bigness” of psychology.

This is an active, vibrant Committee with many members who have a variety of professional interests.  

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