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    • 12/10/2023
    • 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

    Sunset at the Gala


    Sunday, December 10, 2023
    4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
    700 Prospect St.
    La Jolla, CA 92037


    Legislative Award
    Congresswoman Sara Jacobs (D - CA 51st District)

    Media Award
    Catherine Garcia NBC 7 News

    Local Hero Award
    Carolyn Kulhanek (Serving Seniors)

    Fellow Awards
    Kenneth S. Dellefield, Ph.D.
    Mariela G. Shibley, Psy.D.

    Distinguished Contribution to Psychology Award
    Debra Kawahara, Ph.D. APA President-Elect 2024

    2023 President, Board of Directors, Committee Chairs
    2024 President, Board of Directors

    Cocktail Hour by the Sunset, Dinner, Dancing and...

    To add to the evening's fun, we are holding a Silent Auction!  If you would like to make a contribution to the auction, please contact our Office Manager!  Examples might be entertainment/sports tickets, spas day, gourmet dinner at home of SDPA member, gift baskets, memorabilia, balloon ride, etc.
    Be creative!

    Annual Awardees/Guests FREE
    Honorees FREE
    SDPA Members $65
    SDPA Graduate Student Members $35
         Guests $65

    Holiday Festive

    We hope you will join us for this wonderful SDPA celebratory event!!

    Please Register Before December 7, 2023!

    If questions, please contact:
    SDPA Office Manager
    Diana Garza
    (858) 277-1463

    • 12/14/2023
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Zoom

    Board Meeting


    DATE/TIME:  December 14, 2023. 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    LOCATION:  Zoom

Past events

12/04/2023 SDPA Event - Case Conference Dinner Series
11/09/2023 SDPA Board Meeting
11/04/2023 SDPA Event: Fall Conference
10/12/2023 SDPA Board Meeting
10/10/2023 SDPA Event: Ethics and Popcorn
09/23/2023 SDPA Networking Event - Talent Show
09/14/2023 SDPA Board Meeting
08/26/2023 SDPA CE Event: Multicultural Competence to Support Diverse Populations
08/07/2023 SDPA Event - Case Conference Dinner Series
07/18/2023 SDPA Event: Women's Wellness Meet & Greet
07/08/2023 SDPA Board Retreat
06/16/2023 SDPA Event - Later Life Transitions Luncheon Series: Physical Capabilities
06/08/2023 SDPA Board Meeting
05/19/2023 SDPA Event - Later Life Transitions Luncheon Series: Retirement
05/11/2023 SDPA Board Meeting
05/10/2023 SDPA Event: Ethics and Popcorn
04/22/2023 SDPA Event - Science Fair Honors Assembly
04/13/2023 SDPA Board Meeting
04/11/2023 SDPA Event: Early Career Professionals (ECP) Networking
04/11/2023 SDPA Event: Women's Wellness Meet and Greet
04/10/2023 SDPA Event: Navy SEAL Endurance
03/15/2023 SDPA Event - Science Fair Judging
03/12/2023 SDPA Event: LGBTQ+ Meet and Greet
03/11/2023 SDPA CE Event - The New California Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements
03/09/2023 SDPA Board Meeting
03/04/2023 SDPA Event - State of the Association Breakfast
02/23/2023 SDPA Event: Ethics and Popcorn
02/09/2023 SDPA Board Meeting
02/05/2023 SDPA Committee Chairs Luncheon
01/22/2023 SDPA Board Installation Luncheon
12/10/2022 SDPA Event - Winter Par-Tee
11/07/2022 SDPA Event: Building Resilience in Youth Through Sport and Play
11/05/2022 SDPA CE Event: Fall Conference
10/12/2022 SDPA Event: Women's Wellness Meet and Greet
06/25/2022 Conference on The Practice of Addiction Psychology
05/14/2022 SDPA Science Fair Awards Ceremony
05/07/2022 SDPA - Intersectionality Matters: Supporting Trans and Nonbinary People of Color
04/25/2022 Do you want to know more about having a 401K Plan
03/21/2022 SDPA State of Association Annual Meeting for the Members
01/29/2022 SDPA CE Event - Disability Health Disparities
12/28/2021 SDPA CE Event - Enhancing Your Psychotherapy Skills with Insights from Cognitive Science
12/13/2021 SDPA Committee - A Team USA Mental Performance Coach's Experience During the 2020 Summer Olympics
11/06/2021 SDPA Fall Conference - Coming to Terms: The Art and Science of Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation and Civility
09/28/2021 SDPA CE Event - Integration of Mobile Mental Health Apps Along the Continuum of Care
12/17/2020 SDPA Board Meeting
11/19/2020 SDPA Board Meeting
10/24/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - Culture Specific Models of Service Delivery & Practice
10/24/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - Racial Trauma and African-American Men
10/24/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
10/23/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - The Ethnohistoric Legacy of Slavery in America as a Root Cause of Health Inequities for African Americans and Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder (PTSD)
10/23/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - A Crisis of Access to Service: A New Specialty and the Advancement of Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists
10/23/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - Understanding Mechanisms that are Associated with Increased Health Risks for African Americans
10/23/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - ¡Que Padre! An Intersectional, Strengths-Based Lens on Research and Practice with New Latino Fathers
10/23/2020 SDPA FALL CONFERENCE FULL EVENT - Systemic Racism's Bitter Pill: A Closer Look at Health Disparities
10/15/2020 SDPA Board Meeting
09/18/2020 SDPA CE Course Webinar - The Emerging Role of Psychologists in the Immigration Field
09/17/2020 SDPA Board Meeting
07/18/2020 SDPA Board Meeting
06/26/2020 SDPA CE Event - Leaning Into Masculinity: Applying the New APA Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men
06/20/2020 SDPA Addictive Disorder Committee - Learn more about CBT for Addictive Behaviors
05/21/2020 SDPA Board Meeting
04/16/2020 SDPA Board Meeting
03/21/2020 SDPA CE Event - CANCELED Transgender 101: An Introduction to Treatment and Evaluation of Transgender Clients
03/19/2020 SDPA Board Meeting
03/13/2020 SDPA Collaborative CE Event - 5th Annual CICAMH
02/20/2020 SDPA Board Meeting
01/18/2020 SDPA Board Meeting
12/06/2019 SDPA Event - Many Voices/One Heart Celebration
10/26/2019 SDPA CE Event - FC Integrating Sexual Health into Clinical Practice
06/20/2019 SDPA CE Event - Global and Diverse Leadership
05/05/2019 SDPA CE Event - Reducing Health Disparities in Our Communities
05/04/2019 SDPA CE Event - Multiple Pathways in Addiction Recovery: How to Respond to Common Challenges
12/12/2018 SDPA Board Meeting
11/14/2018 SDPA Board Meeting
10/27/2018 SDPA CE Event - Fall Conference
10/10/2018 SDPA Board Meeting
09/12/2018 SDPA Board Meeting
08/22/2018 SDPA Board Meeting
08/04/2018 SDPA CE Event - Gender Identity, Culture and Language
07/28/2018 SDPA CE Event - Integral Marital Therapy
06/03/2018 SDPA Board Retreat
05/19/2018 SDPA CE Event - Spring Workshop
05/09/2018 SDPA Board Meeting
04/25/2018 CPA Convention in San Diego - Looking Forward
04/11/2018 SDPA Board Meeting
03/23/2018 SDPA CE Event - CICAMH Conference
03/14/2018 SDPA Board Meeting
03/03/2018 SDPA CE Event - When Gambling Becomes a Problem
02/21/2018 SDPA Board Meeting
02/17/2018 SDPA CE Event - Therapy Quest
01/20/2018 SDPA CE Event - Media Training
01/14/2018 SDPA Board Meeting
12/06/2017 SDPA Board Meeting
11/12/2017 SDPA CE Event - Value and Efficacy of Equine Assisted Experiential Modalities
11/11/2017 SDPA CE Event - Using Mental Imagery
11/08/2017 SDPA Board Meeting
10/28/2017 SDPA Fall Conference - Innovations in Trauma Treatment
10/11/2017 SDPA Board Meeting
10/07/2017 SDPA CE Event - Being Prepared for the Unexpected
09/17/2017 SDPA CE Event - Dinner Case Conference in Del Mar
09/14/2017 SDPA CE Event - Being Prepared for the Unexpected
09/13/2017 SDPA Board Meeting
08/27/2017 Community Event - Screenagers Film and Q&A
08/05/2017 SDPA CE Event - Superhero Therapy
07/29/2017 SDPA Member CE Event - The Hold Me Tight Workshop
07/12/2017 SDPA Board Meeting
06/10/2017 SDPA June Board Retreat

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