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The purpose of the Aging Issues Committee (AIC) is to provide members with the opportunity to consult and network with others who work with older adults and to share treatment strategies and expertise.  The Committee also works to offer members and the community continuing education in issues related to aging.  

If you are interested in participating in this committee please contact our Office Manager.  



Provide information related to aging issues on SDPA Office E-News and the SDPA website.

Provide resources for older adults in the community through an Age in Action website.

Provide a regular Age in Action publication with articles/writings related to the experience of aging.  

Provide continuing education classes related to aging issues for psychologists and the public.

Provide/promote new opportunities for geriatric specialty training.

Advocate for aging issues in government.

Provide an opportunity for geriatric professionals in the community to collaborate/network.

Provide an opportunity for psychologists to consult regarding aging issue cases.

Provide an opportunity for aging psychologists to share/network with others.


What are evidence-based treatment models for working with older adults?
How do I know when a client might be developing dementia?
How to conduct group therapy with older adults in senior living settings.
How do older adults respond to medications differently than young adults?
Teaching senior facility staff to work well with older adults.
How do older adults uniquely experience depression and anxiety?
What to do if you suspect elder abuse is occurring?
How to be of assistance to family of an elderly parent with cognitive loss or behavior change? 
How to help an elderly person (and/or their family) facing life transitions. 
What are sources of funding (such as Medicare) available for psychology services provided to older adults?
What are the unique challenges faced by older adults in the 2020s in the U.S.?
How do I address caregiver challenges in working with older adults?
Multicultural and cohort challenges in working with older adults?
"To move or not to move" and other tough decisions.
Understanding causes and solutions for suffering and other existential issues in older adults.
Lifestyles that contribute to wellbeing.
Helping clients prepare for aging with grace and contentment.
Providing counseling for grief/loss in older adults. 
Re-specialization steps for a psychologist wanting to develop a specialty in geriatrics.
Lifestyles, attitudes and expectations and their impact on morbidity and mortality in the later years.

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