Community Events

    • 12/06/2019
    • 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Marina Village Conference Center

    The Neurobiology of Trauma: What To Do When You Are Stuck - 3 CEs



    December 6, 2019 
    8:00 am - 11:00 am

    Marina Village Conference Center
    1936 Quivira Way
    Room C-1
    San Diego, CA 92109

    Faculty:  Dr. Bridgett Ross, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY#22304). Intermediate level course appropriate for licensed clinical staff in private practice, community clinics, hospitals and other facilities treating trauma disorders.
    This workshop is well-grounded in research and will teach you:
     (a) how effective treatments aim to rewire the brain.
     (b) how our naturally adaptive stress response changes when impacted by trauma.
     (c) how trauma and chronic stress wire the brain for a life of danger/threat/fear.
    Gain the skills to effectively share this information with your clients in order to help them understand the importance of engaging in evidence-based treatments to help heal from past trauma.


    $89 Individuals
    $79 Groups of 3-5
    $69 Groups of 6 or more

    ** Early Bird Registration! If you register before 11/6/19
    $74 Individuals
    $69 Groups of 3-5
    $64 Groups of 6 or more

    Day of Event: Sign-In/Registration is from 7:30am - 8:00am. Class starts promptly at 8:00am. Must be present for full class to obtain CE credit.


    • 12/07/2019
    • 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
    • Alliant Daley Hall

    SDPA Supervision Committee Meeting

    December 7, 2019

    8:30 - 11:30 am

    Alliant International School
    Daley Hall (Student Lounge)

    Must RSVP to attend

    Polina Bryson -

    About the Committee:

    The Supervision Committee meets about every other month to discuss various issues pertaining to supervision of psychology interns in San Diego community. Many of our committee members are clinical supervisor at major practicum and internship sites. When appropriate, we reach out to schools and training sites to make recommendations to improve training programs and supervision practices. At times we present cases for peer supervision.  Once a year we put together a group therapy workshop for psychology students.

    • 12/10/2019
    • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Corner Bakery Cafe

    SDPA Men's Issues Committee Meeting

    Tuesday, December 10, 2019

    8:00 - 9:00 am

    Corner Bakery Cafe
    Westfield UTC
    4575 La Jolla Village Dr. 
    San Diego, CA 92122  

    Must RSVP to attend

    Chad Cox

    • 12/10/2019
    • 12:15 PM - 1:45 PM
    • By Video

    The Addictive Disorders committee is offering peer consultation. We welcome case consultation questions from any member of SDPA about client addiction issues.

    Please join us by video on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month.

    Tuesday, December 10, 2019
    12:15 pm to 1:45 pm By Video

    Please email for the link.

    • 01/23/2020
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM



    Thursday, January 23, 2019
    6:30-8:00 pm


    San Diego Psychological Association
    4699 Murphy Canyon Rd.
    San Diego, CA 92123

    Join us for a presentation and Q&A with a tax preparer who specializes in small businesses. Get your tax questions answered! We request questions to be emailed to Erin and Melissa before the event to give our presenter time to prepare and to make sure your questions get answered. The presentation will start at 7 PM, with 6:30-7 being left open for eating, drinking, and mingling. We look forward to seeing you there! 

    Note: Event is geared towards early career professionals and those newly starting private practice. This is not for office staff.  

    Please email Erin Cisneros, PsyD at or Melissa Lanza, PhD at for more information or to be added to this event.                                                       

    • 02/15/2020
    • 9:00 AM
    • 02/16/2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • The Cottage Clinic in Rancho Santa Fe, California
    Hold Me Tight© Couples Workshop 
    Relationship Enrichment Retreat in San Diego

    For All Committed Couples in San Diego

    Facilitated by: Dr. Diana Weiss-Wisdom
    Licensed Psychologist #12476 
    Assisted by: EFT Therapists

    The Cottage Clinic in Rancho Santa Fe, California
    February 15-16, 2020

    Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    For more information, call (858) 259-0146,

    Or Register at

    $795 per couple

    Join us for this positive, research-based program for all couples that want to strengthen and deepen their relationship.

    Imagine being able to understand each other better and build an even more loving relationship, that just gets stronger over a lifetime.
    In our workshop, you will learn what is at the root of most conflicts between you and your partner, and how to change those moments through a proven method that all couples can do.
    Our *Hold Me Tight® Workshop for Couples is based on Attachment Theory, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and the international best-selling book "Hold Me Tight: 7 Conversations for a Lifetime of Love" by Dr. Sue Johnson.
    Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy has been shown through research to be the most effective approach to helping couples:

    • Change the negative cycle of repetitive arguments and distancing that can cause alienation, frustration, and pain;
    • Understand emotions and needs in romantic relationships and how to tend to each other in a way that creates positive, bonding moments;
    •  Begin to repair old relationship injuries and how to build more trust moving forward;
    • Learn and practice a new way of communicating with each other that promotes a closer connection, more effective problem solving skills, and can help you have more fun and freedom together in your life.

    This is an educational and experiential program for couples given in an intimate, warm, indoor/outdoor setting; the format and schedule include: Educational talks, video presentations, and couple's exercises (in private, not in front of the group), with a catered lunch brought in each day (dietary preferences of attendees are always taken into consideration).
    *Hold Me Tight© Workshops are given all over the world. Since 2010, Dr. Diana Weiss-Wisdom has been facilitating these transformative weekend retreats for couples at her charming Cottage Clinic in Rancho Santa Fe, California. She offers 3-4 weekend retreats a year.
    The weekend takes place in a nature retreat on private property in Rancho Santa Fe, California (North Coastal San Diego, California). It is a relaxing and peaceful setting that promotes relaxation and enjoying quality time with your partner in nature.
    Price is all inclusive: includes Workbook, Lunch, beverages, and snacks on both days but does not include lodging.

    * Hold Me Tight®" is a registered trademark to Dr. Sue Johnson

    • 03/13/2020
    • Double Tree Hotel

    • 06/18/2020
    • 06/21/2020
    • San Diego Marriott Mission Valley

    Gender Odyssey International Conference




    June 18-21, 2020 

    San Diego Marriott Mission Valley

    Gender Odyssey is open to all. Anyone may attend regardless of gender identity or gender expression. We embrace the presence and participation of our families, spouses and partners, organizations, and allies. We encourage the attendance of those who serve this community to expand their knowledge and understanding of gender diversity and transgender issues.

Past events

11/22/2019 Community CE Event - Suicide Prevention & Treatment Workshop
11/19/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Committee Meeting
11/19/2019 SDPA Committee Event - SDPA Disaster Psychology Committee Meeting
11/16/2019 Community Event - Ritual and Ceremony for Welbeing
11/16/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Events Meeting
11/14/2019 Community Event - Serving Our Military and Veteran Clients
11/13/2019 Community CE Event - Neuropsychology in Transition Conference
11/12/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Addictive Disorders Lunch November
11/12/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Men's Issues Committee Meeting
11/08/2019 Community Event - Tour of SD County Office of Emergency Operations
11/06/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Fall Fusion Mixer with ECP
11/02/2019 SDPA Member Event - Hold Me Tight© Couples Workshop
11/01/2019 Community CE Event - Living, Loving, and Hating Well: Ralph R. Greenson in His Time and Ours
11/01/2019 Community CE Event - Restorative Retelling Victims of Violent Loss
10/26/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - San Diego Bowen Family Systems Theory Conference
10/21/2019 Community CE Event - Domestic Violence Counselor Training
10/15/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Diversity and Inclusion Committee Meeting
10/08/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Peer Consultation October
10/08/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Men's Issues Committee Meeting
09/30/2019 Community CE Event - Navy SEAL Foundation Impact Forum
09/24/2019 SDPA Committee - Disaster Psychology Committee Meeting
09/21/2019 SDPA Committee Event -Winter Party Meeting
09/21/2019 Community CE Event - Dance and Movement From the Inside Out
09/21/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Group Psychotherapy Workshop
09/12/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Addictive Discorders Networking Event
09/10/2019 SDPA Committee Event -Lunch September
09/10/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Men's Issues Committee Meeting
09/06/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Tour of SD County Office of Emergency Operations
08/26/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Forensic Committee Meeting
08/25/2019 Community Event - Through the Practice Lens
08/15/2019 Community CE Event - Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference
08/13/2019 SDPA Committee Event - Peer Consultation
08/10/2019 Community Event - 7th Annual HRC San Diego Gala
08/06/2019 Community CE Event -Mind-Body Bridging for Domestic Violence Offender Treatment
08/01/2019 Community CE Event - Gender Odyssey Conference 2019
07/31/2019 SDPA Member Event - The San Diego GSRD Forum’s Summer Cocktail Mixer!
07/25/2019 SDPA Member Event - The Transformative Power of Disconnection
07/21/2019 Community Event - Is Suicide Ever Rational?
07/20/2019 SDPA Member Event - Hold Me Tight© Couples Workshop
07/13/2019 SDPA EVENT - San Diego Pride
06/29/2019 SDPA Member Event - Documentary Discussions
06/17/2019 Community Event - APsaA Annual Meeting
06/17/2019 Community CE Event - Summer Training Institute 2019
06/14/2019 Community CE Event -Desire to Help in Trying Times: Ethically Responding to Disasters
06/07/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - This is the Talking Cure
05/18/2019 Community Event - Disaster Mental Health Fundamentals
05/17/2019 Community Event - 2019 Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast
05/11/2019 Community Event - Equity In Action: Advancing Change Together
05/10/2019 Community CE Event - The Neuroscience of Mindfulness-Based Meditation
05/08/2019 Community Event - The Real Word
05/08/2019 Community Event - Social Trends and Addiction Treatment
04/27/2019 Community Event - TIME OUT a Day of Creativity and Mindfulness
04/27/2019 Community Event - Integrated Care Across the Lifespan
04/27/2019 Community Event - NAMI Walks/Run
04/20/2019 SDPA MEMBER EVENT A Social Group for GSRD-Affirmative Therapists
04/14/2019 Community Event - UCSD Community Psychiatry Program Mental Health Career Fair
04/05/2019 Community Event - CPA-PAC Annual Dinner
03/29/2019 Community Event - Update of Laws Affecting the Practice of Psychology
03/29/2019 SDPA Member Event - Suicide Therapies That Work
03/23/2019 SDPA Member - Yoga for Stress Reduction
03/22/2019 Community Event - Advances in the Science of Psychotherapy
02/25/2019 Community Event - The Diversity of Trauma
02/16/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - Let the Poets Speak: Redemptive Love
02/09/2019 Community Event - Making Music for Health and Happiness
01/26/2019 Community Event - Hepatic Issues In Psychotropic Prescribing
01/25/2019 Community Event - Clinical Work of Wilfred Bion
01/23/2019 SDPA Committee Event - TAX TIME Q&A
01/19/2019 Community Event - Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Aging
11/30/2018 SDPA Community - Freud's Last Session
11/30/2018 Community Event - Building Bridges: Science & Community Forum
11/21/2018 Community Event - Mirrors of the Mind 7: Psychotherapist as Artist
11/17/2018 Community Event - Special viewing of Toward a Black Psychology
10/27/2018 Community Event CE Event - LACPA Annual Convention
10/18/2018 Community CE Event - 2018 NLPA Conference
10/01/2018 Community Event - Working with Commercially Sexually Exploited Children
10/01/2018 Community CE Event - Navy SEAL Foundation Impact Forum
09/28/2018 Community CE Event - California Sleep Society Educational
09/22/2018 Community CE Event - Walk to End Alzheimer
09/14/2018 CPA CE Event - Essentials in Clinical Psychopharmacology for Aging Adults
09/13/2018 Community CE Event - Early Childhood Mental Health Conference
09/09/2018 Community Event - Engagement Skills for Working with Commercially Sexually Exploited Children
09/08/2018 Community CE Event - Seeking Safety
08/20/2018 Community Event - Summer Training Institute
08/11/2018 Community Event - Sixth Annual Stroke Conference
08/10/2018 Community CE Event - Motivational Interviewing
08/09/2018 Community Event - Walk to End Alzheimer's
07/11/2018 Community Event - Working with Interpreters/Translators
06/27/2018 Community CE Event - ABPsi International Convention
06/21/2018 Community CE Event - AACN
06/16/2018 Community Event -Juneteenth Celebration
05/22/2018 Community Event - Disarming the Suicidal Mind
05/20/2018 Community Event - Mental Health Career Fair & Education Day
05/14/2018 Community Event - Healing the Hidden Hurts
05/12/2018 Community Event - Human Trafficking Conference
05/12/2018 Community Event - Tech Addiction
05/06/2018 Community Event - Movie Night
04/28/2018 Community CE Event - #MeTooLGBTQ
04/28/2018 Community Event - NAMI Walks/Runs
04/04/2018 Community CE Event - Male Victims
03/30/2018 Community CE Event - Medical & Healthcare Privacy Breach Compliance
03/24/2018 Community Event - March for Our Lives
03/24/2018 Community CE Event - Systems Thinking in a Troubled World
03/02/2018 Community CE Event - Brain Injury Rehabilitation
02/10/2018 Community CE Event - The Power of Specificity Theory
01/28/2018 Community Event - SDPC Movie Night
01/20/2018 Community Event - Technology in Psychiatry
01/20/2018 Community CE Event - Motivational Interviewing
01/13/2018 Community CE Event - Treating Borderline Personality Disorder
11/18/2017 Community Event - Mirrors of the Mind
11/16/2017 Community CE Event - Applying CBT
11/15/2017 Community CE Event - ABCT Eating Disorders
11/14/2017 Community CE Event - Blocks in Addiction
11/12/2017 Community Event - Walk in Remembrance with Hope
11/06/2017 Community CE Event - Navy SEAL Foundation Impact Forum
11/04/2017 Community CE Event - Child Psychoanalysis
11/03/2017 Community CE Event - Post Traumatic Growth
11/03/2017 Community CE Event - Chronic Adolescent Sexual Abuse
10/28/2017 Community CE Event - The Hidden Life of Families
10/27/2017 Community Event - Connect, Consult & Brunch
10/14/2017 Community CE Event - Ethics and Risk Management
10/13/2017 SDPA Member CE Event - MMPI-2
10/13/2017 Community CE Event - Eating Disorders
10/08/2017 Community Event - Nir Bergman
10/08/2017 Community CE Event - 4th Annual OCPA Convention
09/24/2017 Community CE Event - IVAT Summit
09/15/2017 Community Event - Living Well
08/27/2017 SDPA Networking Event - Summer Social
08/25/2017 Community Event - Technical Safeguards
08/23/2017 SDPA Member Event - CHILD
08/18/2017 Community CE Event - Networking, Presentation, Tour
08/04/2017 Community CE Event - Integrating Mind, Body & DBT
07/28/2017 Community Event - Camp Erin
07/26/2017 Community Event - Ongoing Assessment and Monitoring
06/28/2017 Community Event - Gender Odyssey

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