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    • 12/12/2021
    • 5:30 PM
    • 12/13/2021
    • 12:00 AM
    • San Diego Natural History Museum

    Night at the Museum Winter Awards Party

    The SDPA Party of the Year!

    December 12, 2021
    4:30 PM until 10:00 PM

    San Diego Natural History Museum
    1788 El Prado
    San Diego, CA  92101


    Must be fully vaccinated and
    bring your vaccination card to event to attend.


    Distinguished Contribution to Psychology Award - Neil Ribner, Ph.D.
    Fellow Award - Glenn Lipson, Ph.D., ABPP
    Legislative Award - Christopher M. Ward, Assemblymember,  78th District 
    Media Award - Steve Atkinson, ABC 10 News
    Local Hero Award - Steph Johnson, Voices of the City Choir

    Be on time so you don’t miss out on anything! Dress code is Cocktail Attire.

    SDPA Invites you to celebrate the end of another year of trying times, but for this year’s holiday party we will be joining in person with food, drinks, and plenty of dancing!!!  We will also have a scavenger hunt with prizes, raffles, and awards for honored members. Don’t miss it!  Please mark your calendars and RSVP for a night to remember- “A Night At The Museum!”

    I look forward to a seeing you there!!

    Dr. Stacy Johnston 
    Chair of Events Committee 

    • 12/13/2021
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Sport Psychology Committee Presents

    A Team USA Mental Performance Coach's Experience

    During the 2020 Summer Olympics

    December 13, 2021
    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Brian Alexander, MA, CMPC will design a presentation discussing his experiences as the Official Athlete Mental Skills Coach of the USA Men’s Water Polo during the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.


    Brian Alexander, MA, CMPC. Brian Alexander is a certified mental performance consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). He is also the co-founder of WellU Mental Training. Prior to pursuing a career as a mental performance coach, Brian competed with Team USA in the sport of water polo for eight years through four FINA world championships as well as an Olympic alternate for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic teams. His experience as an elite level athlete paired with his educational training in sport psychology has shaped his desire to help athletes and other performers.

    Brian has coached and served the psychological performance needs of athletes at the Olympic, national, professional, collegiate, high school and junior/youth levels of sport and Performance. One of his recent roles was supporting the USA Men’s National water polo team in their pursuit toward the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021.

    Brian’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master of Arts in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. He has also studied organizational leadership under the mentorship of well-known leadership expert, Dr. Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager and co- creator of Situational Leadership, as well as a number of other professionals at The Ken Blanchard Companies. Brian served as an adjunct faculty member in the John. F. Kennedy University Sport Psychology graduate program and the National University Performance Psychology programs.

Past events

11/06/2021 SDPA Fall Conference - Coming to Terms: The Art and Science of Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation and Civility
09/28/2021 SDPA CE Event - Integration of Mobile Mental Health Apps Along the Continuum of Care
06/26/2021 Community Event - Hold Me Tight© Couples Workshop
11/06/2020 Community CE Event - Why am I doing this? A Fundamental Mindset to Help You Build a Meaningful Helping Career and Avoid Burnout
11/06/2020 Community Event - Immigration Evaluations Training: Evaluating Hardship for Waivers of Inadmissibility
10/24/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - Culture Specific Models of Service Delivery & Practice
10/24/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - Racial Trauma and African-American Men
10/24/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
10/23/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - The Ethnohistoric Legacy of Slavery in America as a Root Cause of Health Inequities for African Americans and Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder (PTSD)
10/23/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - A Crisis of Access to Service: A New Specialty and the Advancement of Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists
10/23/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - Understanding Mechanisms that are Associated with Increased Health Risks for African Americans
10/23/2020 Community CE Event - Reconnection: The Sexual Health Needs of Pre-Menopausal Breast Cancer Survivors
10/23/2020 Community CE Event - Assessing Psychological Impact of Trauma in Victims of Domestic Violence, Violent Crimes, or Human Trafficking
10/23/2020 SDPA FC INDIVIDUAL COURSE - ¡Que Padre! An Intersectional, Strengths-Based Lens on Research and Practice with New Latino Fathers
10/23/2020 SDPA FALL CONFERENCE FULL EVENT - Systemic Racism's Bitter Pill: A Closer Look at Health Disparities
10/16/2020 Community Event - Suicide Therapies That Work
09/18/2020 SDPA CE Course Webinar - The Emerging Role of Psychologists in the Immigration Field
09/17/2020 Community CE Event - Integrating Social Ecological Approaches to Adolescent Substance Use in Systems of Care
07/17/2020 Community Event - CICAMH
06/26/2020 SDPA CE Event - Leaning Into Masculinity: Applying the New APA Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men
06/20/2020 SDPA Addictive Disorder Committee - Learn more about CBT for Addictive Behaviors
06/06/2020 SDPA Member CE Event - Transforming Resistance: Working with the Challenges of Defense & Anxiety to Promote Rapid Therapeutic Change
04/25/2020 SDPA Member CE Event - Ethical and Practical Considerations for Private Practice
04/03/2020 SDPA Member Event - Suicide Therapies That Work
03/21/2020 SDPA CE Event - CANCELED Transgender 101: An Introduction to Treatment and Evaluation of Transgender Clients
03/14/2020 SDPA Member Event - San Diego Bowen Family Systems Theory Conference
02/20/2020 SDPA Member Event - DBT and Substance Use Disorders
12/16/2019 SDPA Member Event - Integrating Measurement Into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): A Review of Best Practices
12/06/2019 SDPA Event - Many Voices/One Heart Celebration
12/06/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - The Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop
11/14/2019 Community Event - Serving Our Military and Veteran Clients
11/13/2019 Community CE Event - Neuropsychology in Transition Conference
11/08/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - Relationships in Conflict
11/08/2019 Community Event - Tour of SD County Office of Emergency Operations
10/26/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - San Diego Bowen Family Systems Theory Conference
10/26/2019 SDPA CE Event - FC Integrating Sexual Health into Clinical Practice
10/11/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - The Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop
09/30/2019 Community CE Event - Navy SEAL Foundation Impact Forum
09/26/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - AToN Center CE Event
09/13/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - Diversity in Parenting Conference
08/09/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - The Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop
06/20/2019 SDPA CE Event - Global and Diverse Leadership
06/07/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - This is the Talking Cure
05/17/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - Law & Ethics 2019
05/10/2019 SDPA Member Event - Superhero Therapy
05/10/2019 Community CE Event - The Neuroscience of Mindfulness-Based Meditation
05/06/2019 SDPA Event - An Emerging Framework for Healthcare
05/05/2019 SDPA CE Event - Reducing Health Disparities in Our Communities
05/04/2019 SDPA CE Event - Multiple Pathways in Addiction Recovery: How to Respond to Common Challenges
04/26/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - The Art & Science of Love Couples Workshop
04/05/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - You Said What? Becoming a Better Supervisor 2019
03/29/2019 Community Event - Update of Laws Affecting the Practice of Psychology
03/23/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - "...something deep...": Emotion, Perception, and Bias in Bowen Theory
03/22/2019 SDPA Collaborative CE Event - 4th Annual CICAMH
03/01/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - Shamanic Perspectives on Healing
02/16/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - The Hold Me Tight Workshop
02/08/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - Healing Power of Symbolic Memory
02/07/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - Pesso-Boyden System Training
02/01/2019 SDPA Member CE Event - The Predicted Stages of Growth in Couples
11/30/2018 SDPA Member CE Event - Hidden Life of Families
11/03/2018 SDPA Member CE Event - The Hold Me Tight Workshop
10/27/2018 SDPA CE Event - Fall Conference
10/26/2018 SDPA Member CE Event - Law & Ethics 2018
10/26/2018 SDPA Member CE Event - Hold Me Tight For Polyamorous
10/19/2018 SDPA Member CE Event - Transforming Interlocking Relational Trauma
10/18/2018 Community CE Event - 2018 NLPA Conference
10/12/2018 SDPA Member CE Event - Suicide Therapies That Work
10/01/2018 Community CE Event - Navy SEAL Foundation Impact Forum
09/28/2018 Community CE Event - California Sleep Society Educational
09/22/2018 Community CE Event - Walk to End Alzheimer
09/14/2018 CPA CE Event - Essentials in Clinical Psychopharmacology for Aging Adults
09/13/2018 Community CE Event - Early Childhood Mental Health Conference
09/08/2018 Community CE Event - Seeking Safety
08/10/2018 Community CE Event - Motivational Interviewing
08/04/2018 SDPA CE Event - Gender Identity, Culture and Language
07/28/2018 SDPA CE Event - Integral Marital Therapy
07/14/2018 SDPA Member CE Event - The Hold Me Tight Workshop
06/27/2018 Community CE Event - ABPsi International Convention
06/21/2018 Community CE Event - AACN
04/28/2018 Community CE Event - #MeTooLGBTQ
04/25/2018 CPA Convention in San Diego - Looking Forward
04/04/2018 Community CE Event - Male Victims
03/30/2018 Community CE Event - Medical & Healthcare Privacy Breach Compliance
03/24/2018 Community CE Event - Systems Thinking in a Troubled World
03/23/2018 SDPA CE Event - CICAMH Conference
03/16/2018 SDPA Member CE Event - Suicide
03/03/2018 SDPA CE Event - When Gambling Becomes a Problem
03/02/2018 Community CE Event - Brain Injury Rehabilitation
02/17/2018 SDPA CE Event - Therapy Quest
02/10/2018 Community CE Event - The Power of Specificity Theory
02/10/2018 SDPA Member CE Event - The Hold Me Tight Workshop
01/20/2018 SDPA CE Event - Media Training
01/20/2018 Community CE Event - Motivational Interviewing
01/13/2018 Community CE Event - Treating Borderline Personality Disorder
11/16/2017 Community CE Event - Applying CBT
11/15/2017 Community CE Event - ABCT Eating Disorders
11/14/2017 Community CE Event - Blocks in Addiction
11/12/2017 SDPA CE Event - Value and Efficacy of Equine Assisted Experiential Modalities
11/11/2017 SDPA CE Event - Using Mental Imagery
11/09/2017 SDPA Member CE Event - Sex & Relationships
11/06/2017 Community CE Event - Navy SEAL Foundation Impact Forum
11/04/2017 Community CE Event - Child Psychoanalysis
11/03/2017 Community CE Event - Post Traumatic Growth
11/03/2017 SDPA Member CE Event - Mindfulness and Relationships
11/03/2017 Community CE Event - Chronic Adolescent Sexual Abuse
10/28/2017 Community CE Event - The Hidden Life of Families
10/28/2017 SDPA Fall Conference - Innovations in Trauma Treatment
10/14/2017 Community CE Event - Ethics and Risk Management
10/13/2017 SDPA Member CE Event - MMPI-2
10/13/2017 Community CE Event - Eating Disorders
10/13/2017 SDPA Member CE Event - Superhero Therapy
10/08/2017 Community CE Event - 4th Annual OCPA Convention
10/07/2017 SDPA CE Event - Being Prepared for the Unexpected
09/24/2017 Community CE Event - IVAT Summit
09/17/2017 SDPA CE Event - Dinner Case Conference in Del Mar
09/14/2017 SDPA CE Event - Being Prepared for the Unexpected
08/18/2017 Community CE Event - Networking, Presentation, Tour
08/05/2017 SDPA CE Event - Superhero Therapy
08/04/2017 Community CE Event - Integrating Mind, Body & DBT
07/29/2017 SDPA Member CE Event - The Hold Me Tight Workshop

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