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Meditation for Therapists: Research, Theory And Practice

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08/1007/FC 2 10/11/2008 2:30PM 4:30PM Introductory N/A
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Meditation For Therapists:  Research, Theory and Practice
C. Alexander Simpkins, Ph.D.
Annellen M. Simpkins, Ph.D.

Today’s therapist can benefit from including meditation in therapeutic practice. Meditation provides a variety of specific methods to build cognitive and emotional skills. Different forms of meditation, including the most well-known, mindfulness, offer diverse mental training. The therapist who is educated in the many forms of meditation will have a variety of techniques to appeal to different patients and problems. Research: Many forms of meditation have been researched for their effectiveness with a broad range of populations and problems. Eastern traditions were largely unknown in the West until the first formal introduction at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893. Now meditation is well researched. Neuroscience and effectiveness studies will be presented. All the methods taught in this workshop have been researched, thereby offering therapists tested methods to add to their practice. Theory: Meditation springs from rich philosophical and spiritual traditions. Therapists will find it helpful to understand meditation in its contextual gestalt. This workshop teaches the meditation traditions of Yoga, Buddhism, Daoism, and Zen. Each theory is described, with its key concepts and unique approach to mental development. These clear descriptions will help for making intelligent choices about which meditation to use and when. Some of the most well-researched applications will also be given to stress, anxiety, addiction, moods, and relationships. Practice: Meditation, being a non-conceptual experience, is best learned through doing. Attendees will develop mental tools needed to meditate and learn key meditation methods. Case examples help form links to practice. Therapists will find lasting solutions to enhance therapeutic work at every phase.

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